Monday, June 28, 2010

::checkup at 14months::

juz got back from checkup for my 14months baby..huh, he's a toddler..

Early in the morning i woke him up n it was so easy..took shower n ready to go..went to papa's office first n he was so excited looking at the mega carriers carried a lot of cars..then, off to Serendah n we registerd at 0810a.m..late for 10minutes but still ok because nurses juz open their counter..the number was 5013..while waiting to be called, Aqeel had his breakfast..nyum..nyum..

he was excited to see many babies..then, the nurse called to be weighed..increased 400gm n now he is 9.6kg..after that, hav to wait again before we went into the nurse room to check his development..a long wait n papa brought him to the playland (there are only 3 horses n a small slide)..he was happily playing alone n ignored the friends until he showed his tantrum when mama suddenly pick him up bcoz it was our turn to get into the nurse's room..the kind n gentle nurse tried to attract his attention by giving the blocks n it works..:) nurse asked what he can do n mama asked him to show his teeth, raise hand n how to byebye..then, before we went out, Aqeel showed his hand to shake hand..clever boy...:)

Alright,the next appointment will be 2months from now...23rdAugust2010...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

::he's growing up::

15 months of Aqeel..

Aqeel membesar..dh sgt bijak..he is genius i cud say.
tiap2 mlm pas maghrib papa ajar dia makan kismis..a very good snek indeed...dia akan habiskan 21biji kismis tu..Aqeel makan sgt sopan santun..satu-satu diambil,dikunyah..selagi tak habis dia takkan berganjak...

2hari lepas, Aqeel minta dari mama.dia tau dkt mana botol kismis tu disimpan..mama pun letak dlm fav. bowl dia...dia ambil n cakap 'acih' for terima kasih....hehe...lepas tu duduk..Mama terperasan dia buat sesuatu..

tadah tangan n sebut 'Allah' lepas tu sapu muka...La,,Aqeel dah tau baca doa makan rupanya...bukanla baca betol2 but at least gayanye dia tau sebelum makan kna baca doa dlu..Mama nak confirm btul ke dia buat tu bc doa mkn..Mama pegi dkt dia dan usik dia.."aQEel, makan baca doa tak?" cepat2 dia tadah tangan semula n baca lagi...

kadang2 sampai 4-5 kali bc doa sambil mkn kismis tu..Mama bgtau Papa rupanya Papa dh terperasan mmg dia tadah tgn ni..oh, Mama yg tak perasan rupanya anak mama ni. is cute right...:) Mama Papa sayang Aqeel...