Sunday, October 31, 2010

::back to CD::

What is the thing that sometimes that make us difficult to choose?? The Diapers!!

From the day he was born until today, we've tried so many dispose diaper brands..from the cheapest to the most expensive..

When, i started to change to cloth diaper, it was a very brilliant cost n environment too..However, we'r not fully Cd user. only at home.but i tried my best to wear Cd for him.

We do have problems with dispose diaper..

The first dd we tried on him was Pureen newborn was a "door gift" from the hospital. The design is just ok..however, we had chose Huggies at that time..

Then, we changed to Fitti Basic..but I dont like it very much because of the pattern. Aqeel Haziq was a chubby little baby at that moment with drumstick thigh, therefore he couldnt fit on certain dd. furthermore, the tape is not resealable. We tried Pampers; the famous brand of dd but i noticed when my baby pee on it, the smell was really disgusting. we have tried Petpet but the tapes was not refastenable at that time.. For me it was not user friendly.

Again, we changed to Fitti premium.however, i think it's a bit pricey eventhough the quality is very good and look alike MamyPoko..yes, we also used MamyPoko to him but only when we were travelling.

On the same time, Papa bought dd from Giant but it wont long was not suitable for him..always leaking..heyBaby also was not suitable for him. so, they are out of our list. We decided not to choose drypers as well because of the small pattern. Then, we turned to b a loyal customer to the Huggies..quite a longtime we used it until we decided to boycott it because of *** product. Then, we found out that PetPet has improvised the tapes..It can be refastenable either after inspection or because the baby tries to untape it.

However, i choose to back to Cloth Diaper..i love it because we dont have to worry about nappy rash. i love the colourful's really baby friendly..I tried my best to be a fully CD user until Aqeel Haziq pass his potty training. i hope when he reaches two, he can control his bladder n bowel movement n know the right place to do his nature's call. hopefully he can..

Thursday, October 28, 2010

::masih seorang::

budak manja yg seorang ni mmg bakal engineer kut..pantang betul nampak plug n suis..tau aje dekat mana nak on any electrical or electronic devices..penin mama..bila larang menangis guling2...motor n beskal pun dah jadi tempat eksperimen dia..

style breastfeed??sangat2 versatile..hihi..macam2 position..bertuah masih menyusu susuibu..
sudah tak gemar minum dari botol kecuali di rumah pengasuh..hmmm..mama pulak suka kumpul, sekarang kita cari mug, cup yang funky2..yg nak jugak mug thomas dia..;)
Aqeel dh mula minum Pediasure..cepat sangat jemu la..

kenapa dah minum susu formula..setelah mama bukan lagi penyumbang nutrien utama beliau..yep, badan mama hanya menghasilkan susu untuk menghilangkan dahaga dan bukan untuk mengenyangkan aqeel sejak dia sudah besar..tambahan pula usia aqeel dh bertambah.hampir 21bulan...dia dh pandai makan macam2..tapi masih consider peminum susuibu tegar kut..mama belum perlu membancuh susu tengah malam atau sibuk bawak bakul susu bila kuar berjalan..belum pernah rasa itu semua..yang mama tahu, dan yang aqeel tahu, selak saja bila aqeel nk minum waktu malam atau dalam kereta atau dekat shopping mall atau mana2 saje..yang aqeel tahu, minum susu dalam botol bila mama pegi keje dan papa tiada depan mata...

sekarang, aqeel dh jd papa la...carseat kat depan sbb dia nk tengok bird, tesco, traffic light..bila nk susu, cari mama jugak...suka baca buku upin ipin..dan sangat2 suka buat bangunan dgn block lego...

cerewet bila pakai diapers...suka pakai cloth diaper dr dispose diaper..apa lagi aqeel suka buat..suka buat mama papa ketawa...sayang Aqeel Haziq..
I think...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

::i am a happy toddler::

too many milestones i'v, mommy is waiting me to speak properly..eagerly bcoz everytime she will talk to me.and she also say, when will me speak proper malay o english coz sometimes mama doesnt understand my french.i know to say some words like;
"nak car" - i want car key/ i want to go out
"fish" - when i see fish in my book or my shirt
"give me" - when i want something
"nak cucu" - i want milk (nenen to be precised)
i also understand mama papa's instruction like:
"Aqeel, please shut the door" - then, i will shut the door.
"Aqeel, please throw in the dustbin" (usually,they said like dat after changing my diaper) - so, i'll put my dirty diaper in the dustbin.
"Aqeel, put the clothes in the basket" - i'll put them in laundry basket err sometimes i get confused n i put them into the sink..sorry mama...
"Aqeel, come and wash your hands" (before eat,after play,etc)
"Aqeel, nO,No" (usually, i ignore it until mama papa get angry)hehehe...
ooo....i am a happy toddler...