Wednesday, May 25, 2011

::Our baby khalifah;Aqeel Haziq::

we've started his lesson using Baby Khalifah learning series.There are 6 workbooks and CDs on different topics;
1)myfirst IQRA'
2)myfirst Kalimah
3)myfirst Solat
4)myfirst Adab
5)myfirst Family
6)myfirst Arabic

So far, we've introduced on mfIqra',Kalimah and Solat.he's so excited when we show the CD.He likes interactive learning.(suke main laptop).
The pictures, sound, words are very clear..Aqeel can easily understand and grab the words..However, Aisyah (a character in the Cd) talks a lot in her introduction for each lesson and we cant skip to hear that.Aqeel likes to replay to listen the letter/kalimah.When Aisyah talks a lot, he feels distracted becoz he wants to listen to the letter/kalimah quickly.Anyway, this CD is very useful indeed...and it helps us a lot to teach him anytime despite of limited time during weekdays.Usually,we started his informal lesson early in the morning or at night...

for ABC learning, we found an interactive site which is good for him..if u google for learning site, u may find thousands of them.but to choose the most suitable is not easy.Aqeel is a fast learner.He learns to use mouse,how to click, then we introduce him to this site(click to learn more).so, the interactive learning works.

Alright,till then I hope this entry gives something for you to learn.

Friday, May 20, 2011

::Baby Khalifah Learning Series::


We're now move towards early education..not too late to start. for Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), Work at Home Mom (WAHM), Fulltime at Home Mom (FAHM), THEY ARE SO LUCKY..yes,indeed....they have a lot of time with little kiddos to play,learn and I wish I cud be them..but who gonna pay my PTPTN loan..grrr....

i'v been searching for Islamic learning series..and on a very fine day, I found this..


i'v googling to find any testimonial from parents, but found nothing..Y?Is this product new or parents who bought did not practise it at home..

kalo ade sesape yg pakai n practise at home with little kiddos pls share with me..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

::Early education for him::

As an educator, I wish to teach my baby so I hope he can read, write,count at early age.
We (Hubby & I) teach him to love books. I dont mind spending a lot on his books..However, I admit that I have problem to practice several approaches to teach him.My worst is the time constraint..By the time I reach home, after dinner, I am already tired..My energy level goes down and I cant focus on what I want to do with him.

I wish he can read by 2years and 5months old.

I tried searching for early education info since he was in my tummy. I want to put him into weekend playgroup when he was 6mos however I never had the chance to do it. The main target is I want to teach him how to make friend or in other words 'pandai bersosial'.. Dh byk kali ajak papa tp papa mcm refuse to go.So, end up,I kept my mouth shut.

Now, he is 2 years and 3mos. His major problem is he refuse to make new friends.He doesnt know how to interact with new friendss until the new friends come approach him.He refuse to share his toys.He is rather shy and afraid to enter other people's home.It really makes us disappointed.Malu tau...when he got cranky and doesnt go into mama or papa's friends' house, relatives or whoever, we have to entertain him first.It will take a long time until he feels comfortable.and that will distract our communication with others..Mana boleh sembang lama2 kalo duk merengek aje.

However, he can behave himself when we are in the restaurant.I like it..;) or when we are having dinner with friends.Good boy son!!

Talking about early education, I stumbled upon Little Reader on Brillkids website recently. In addition, I found this local site that support early education plus she uses the Little Reader curriculum to teach her dotters.This is her site Baby Genius on Board.

How do I know? I got a pamphlet during Mom n Baby expo at MV however I didnt care to read bout it until I got attracted to read it again after I had put it in the dustbin.(dh ronyok2 baru teringat nk baca). And suddenly, on the very fine day, a friend of mine came to house and talking bout the same things.What a coincidence!!!

and now, I am already a member of Brillkids.Found out that they give us free trial on Little Reader.We can download some of the materials too.They have Little Math and it really attracts me.Hopefully, Aqeel feels the same.

So, here are my wish.hopefully, (read by my dearly hubby)..I cant do it alone..

1.To join the playgroup in Puchong

2.Teach Aqeel using the LR approach

3.Have a set of LR and LM

4.Have ample time to teach him.(Take turn with papa of course)

Whatever for you dear son because you are the only son in our world.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


anak Papa yg sorang nih menggegarkan suasana pagi nan indah permai di umah...nak ikut papa,nak ikut papa....dia bangun awal pukul 5 pg..minum susu terus segar..kemudian, nampak papa bersiap dia dh mula got cranky..sbb papa pakai jeans n t-shirt..he knew that papa is not going to office like that...papa bawak pusing seround siap pegi beli roti tp bila masuk je dlm rumah, dia menjerit tak ingat dunia...smpaila menangis teresak2.

dan akhirnya tenang slps mama offer bf..huhuhu...pandai ye nak...trus trtido...

Monday, May 9, 2011

::susu DutchLady pun ok::

Aqeel sekarang minum susu DutchLady..selepas Pediasure yg mahal dimana setin 900gm berharga rm66 (harga murah ditawarkan di sstgh kedai ubat), dan bilamana Aqeel menghabiskan setin dlm tempoh 14 hari, jadi mamapapa decide kite beralih ke susu murah sikit..1kg lebih berharga rm19 bila ada offer..

khasiat susu tu masih sama..lagipun Aqeel dh pandai makan macam2..dulu kita pilih Pediasure sbb Aqeel kurang makan..mamapapa risau dia tak cukup zat.mmg minum Pediasure ni menaikkan selera makan budak2.walopun Aqeel nmpk je kurus tp badan dia mantap..kalo dukung siapla..sakit bahu2 mama ni...lagipun masa tu Aqeel masih tegar minum susuibu..jadi nak habiskan setin ambil masa 2bulan.

Alhamdulillah, walopun susu ni susu lembu, Aqeel takla menggaru sangat..sikit2 eczema tu mmg ada tp mild saje.

percubaan pertama kami kurang berjaya..kaler sama iaitu mama pilih coklat tp flavour mmg lain dh byk kali cuba jaya (ada ketika membazir je kena buang dan kdg2 mama yg minum) akhirnya Aqeel pun terima..

nak tukar susu ni bukan mudah sebenarnya..selain daripada rasa, mama juga cek stool Aqeel lps cnsume susu ni. memula Aqeel ada sembelit tp dh lama2 ok cuma mama kena bg dia mkn buah atau minum nutrigen utk elakkan sembelit..