Wednesday, May 18, 2011

::Early education for him::

As an educator, I wish to teach my baby so I hope he can read, write,count at early age.
We (Hubby & I) teach him to love books. I dont mind spending a lot on his books..However, I admit that I have problem to practice several approaches to teach him.My worst is the time constraint..By the time I reach home, after dinner, I am already tired..My energy level goes down and I cant focus on what I want to do with him.

I wish he can read by 2years and 5months old.

I tried searching for early education info since he was in my tummy. I want to put him into weekend playgroup when he was 6mos however I never had the chance to do it. The main target is I want to teach him how to make friend or in other words 'pandai bersosial'.. Dh byk kali ajak papa tp papa mcm refuse to go.So, end up,I kept my mouth shut.

Now, he is 2 years and 3mos. His major problem is he refuse to make new friends.He doesnt know how to interact with new friendss until the new friends come approach him.He refuse to share his toys.He is rather shy and afraid to enter other people's home.It really makes us disappointed.Malu tau...when he got cranky and doesnt go into mama or papa's friends' house, relatives or whoever, we have to entertain him first.It will take a long time until he feels comfortable.and that will distract our communication with others..Mana boleh sembang lama2 kalo duk merengek aje.

However, he can behave himself when we are in the restaurant.I like it..;) or when we are having dinner with friends.Good boy son!!

Talking about early education, I stumbled upon Little Reader on Brillkids website recently. In addition, I found this local site that support early education plus she uses the Little Reader curriculum to teach her dotters.This is her site Baby Genius on Board.

How do I know? I got a pamphlet during Mom n Baby expo at MV however I didnt care to read bout it until I got attracted to read it again after I had put it in the dustbin.(dh ronyok2 baru teringat nk baca). And suddenly, on the very fine day, a friend of mine came to house and talking bout the same things.What a coincidence!!!

and now, I am already a member of Brillkids.Found out that they give us free trial on Little Reader.We can download some of the materials too.They have Little Math and it really attracts me.Hopefully, Aqeel feels the same.

So, here are my wish.hopefully, (read by my dearly hubby)..I cant do it alone..

1.To join the playgroup in Puchong

2.Teach Aqeel using the LR approach

3.Have a set of LR and LM

4.Have ample time to teach him.(Take turn with papa of course)

Whatever for you dear son because you are the only son in our world.

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