Wednesday, October 29, 2008

::will be papa's mate::

Dear sayang,

we're happy to know dat u're a BOY. but sometime mama is wondering, how??how to raise a boy...mama has 3 nieces dat so close n dat's why mama feels a bit worry. but papa said, not to worry anything bcoz papa will be with us 24/7, sweetheart..yeah, i love papa day and night..u'll be papa's mate..watching tv, top gear, natGeo, discvry channel, NEWS..huhu..(papa's favourite programme)..n then, we'r so excited to find baby stuff n list down your name..hmm..we'll try our best darling..mama n papa search ur name n its meaning from books, internet n suddenly mama go through one of da motherhood magazine n list these two names..alright..wait for papa to choose as we promised earlier papa will give name to his son..:)
Aqeel Hareez, Aqeel Haziq..will choose one only..:)

u're 22 weeks in mama's womb darling..n kicking a lot..but sometimes u make mama n papa worry when u didnt move.huhuhu..i know u'r sleeping soundly in there..yeah, u'r my sweetie pie..


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