Friday, April 24, 2009

::does he can?::

haziq is 2months 2weeks now..every single day mama n papa look forward for his new action. and every actions always make us, what does he can do??according to milestone chart from babycentre,

most baby can;
i) gurgles and coos at this age - yes, and haziq gurgling and cooing mostly at night. (he has verrrry loud voice when he screams)
ii) Notices his hands - he now notices that he has two hands and two legs.(last night, he kicked his toys that hanging on the kick n play bouncer).
iii) holds head up for short periods - usually when he is on mama's chest (i called it as 'panjat pokok')

and some of 2months baby can;
i) Smiles, laughs - it soooo sweet when Haziq smiles n laughs..(papa been so jealous bcoz haziq first smiles n laughs at mama)
ii) Holds head at 45-degree angle - sometimes he can do it.
iii) Makes smoother movements - mama notices when he is asleep on his bed, sometimes he turns to left or right.

some advance baby can;
i) Holds head steady - Haziq?? not yet.

ii) Can bear weight on legs - yes, since 1 month like his legs n waist strong enough to stand up.

iii)Lifts head and shoulders when lying on tummy - still practising :)

every baby milestone is differ from one another. and i'm PROUD of having an active and strong baby..;) alhamdulillah..

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