Tuesday, September 13, 2011

::Bila nak pergi school?::

Everyday, Aqeel shows his tantrum when Mama says, lets ready your bag.we're going to ur Mama Awe's house n I have to go to school. Then,he starts his drama. Terguling,tergolek,menjerit,melalak n seumpamanya.
AQEEL will say, " I wanna go to school too!! I want to go through the tunnel!"

Hehe. . . He said jln bwh jambatan keretapi is the tunnel.whatever la Aqeel.but everytime when we pass by the tunnel,he would be soooo happy. Alright,back to the school story. I wonder when i can send him to the school. I wnt him to learn how to b friend with others. He is big enough n i know he is ready to play n learn. He knows ABC, count 123, alif ba ta.he can easily memorizing the words n read after me. Everything bout learning is okay but when come to the part to socialize with others, Aqeel is sooooo difficult. He is not friendly at all. He likes to play with big sister n brother rather than play with friends of the same age. Hopefully,when he turns three, i can send him to school.InsyaAllah.

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