Sunday, March 29, 2009

::cloth diaper::

apa dia cloth diaper ni???nama glemer CD..sila bc artikel dibwh.mama jumpa dkt page ni..

Why Cloth Diapers?


The Top Ten Reasons for Choosing A Cloth Diapering System:

1. Cotton is the Most Natural Diaper you can put next to your baby¹s skin. There is no need for gels or chemicals.

2. Do you know how a Disposable Diaper works? Do you know what's in a disposable diaper (there are no ingredients listed on their package) ? Try this --- cut a disposable diaper in half. Pour water on half and watch what happens. There are tiny chemical crystals that turn into a spongy gel when water hits them.

3. The Environment. A baby will use either 7,000 disposable diapers or 80 cotton diapers. A disposable diaper is used for 2 hours - a cloth diaper is used for 3 years. Think of all the resources used to produce a product that will last for only 2 hours and then be thrown away. Think about where all the billions of throw-away diapers are going to end up.

4. Less Diaper Rash. Studies have shown there is less diaper rash with the use of cotton diapers than with disposable diapers.

5. Cloth costs Less-a lot Less. You will save about RM3500 if you use cloth over disposables. While disposables are priced very cheaply for the newborn sizes, as your baby grows the diapers start costing a lot more.

6. Cloth Diapers are Easy To Use. In your mom's day you needed pins, rubber pants, and time to fold a long flat cloth into a diaper. Now with modern cloth diapers, it is quick and easy to change your baby.

7. Babies Potty Train Earlier when they use cotton because they can feel the wetness.

8. It takes a cup full of crude oil to produce the plastic for one disposable diaper.

9. Babies learn by imitation. You can teach them by example, the responsible way of dealing with waste. You don't just wrap it up and throw it away.

10. Medical and News Reports from Germany and England now suggest there is a link between the use of disposable diapers and infertility in boys (due to lower sperm count).

mama taklah nk bercakap saja ttg ini krn haziq pun akn mula pakai CD..mahal?nnt kita korek2 lg dr segi bajet ok..

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