Wednesday, March 11, 2009

::Prolonged jaundice::

Dear Aqeel Haziq,
on Friday,6 March, Mama n Papa brought u to do TSB again coz Ma realized ur skin is too yellowish..i'm so sorry..ur TSB was 12 n doc referred us to Hospital Selayang..n today we met far, doc said no worry coz u'r healthy n active baby..but we need to do the test that hurt u..huuhuuu...Mama n Papa had to wait outside while nurses take ur blood n we heard u were screaming very loud..then,Mama had to collect ur urine n bcoz u'r boy so it's easy..:) next week we'll come again on Thursday for the result..Mama Papa always pray for u..

Aqeel dh pndai senyum bila diagah..:)


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